Theory Of Relativity

Lately I have been thinking about life, just in general. And I have come to the conclusion that it is just a BIG unfathomably deep ocean of relativity. We have to work hard to be successful in any field. And that makes sense. But what we tend to forget sometimes is that it ALSO depends on how well others perform.

Suppose you get 92 out of 100 in some test. It is pretty good, right? Now, if there are 25 others who have got more than 92 then your marks somehow losses its value before others. But if there are only, say, 2 more people who have got more than you then you will be hailed by all. And this is what I mean, life is a big big big pool of relativity. You have to do good.. there is no alternative to that. But others have to perform worse than you to give you that sense and security of “doing good”. And I hate this.

I absolutely hate this.

And the worst thing is that I can’t do anything about it. None of us can. There is no security for anyone in this world. Doesn’t matter if you are a world famous scientist.. you might just wake up tomorrow to find out that you have Alzheimer’s. Or suppose you are a famous actor but tomorrow there just might be someone better than you. And this is all so RELATIVE.
I’m not sure if this makes any sense at all but I just needed to let all these thoughts out. Writing all this doesn’t change anything. Life is unfair. All I’m going to tell myself is – suck it up.


4 thoughts on “Theory Of Relativity

  1. agh you’re right! It’s so unfair. At times I feel like I did well on something, but then everyone’s all like “well, I did better!” and then that makes me feel like I didn’t do so well. I completely understand where you’re coming from Phoenix

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