Ten Things That Make Me Happy

I was tagged to do this challenge on Wattpad and I thought that it would be nice to post it here too..


1. Books, books and more books
Books are my lifeline. I eat, sleep and breathe the world of fiction. They are, arguably, the single best product of our stupendous imagination as human beings. The best days in my life are the ones spent with a book in one hand and a hot, steaming cup of coffee in the other. The joy that the fictional world provides me with is inexpressible.
2. Music
Music is food for my soul. It calms me when I need to be calmed, it encourages me at times when I lose inspiration, it lulls me to sleep when I become an insomniac but most importantly, it gives me courage to take life head-on. There are times when nothing helps and music comes like a hero in a swishing cape and pulls me out. Needless to say, a day with some good music = perfecto.
3. Travelling
I absolutely love to travel. Going to different places, meeting new people, experiencing life from their perspective.. this rejuvenates me so much. I get a sense of peace when I’m out and about.
4. Family
My mum and dad’s happiness mean the world to me. Granted, I end up fighting a few times with them but at the end of the day, I love them both from the deepest veins and arteries of my, scientifically speaking, fist-size heart. I would do go out of the way to make them happy because they always do the same for me, without any hesitation. I know I don’t say this out loud. Maybe I should start.
5. Friends
I wouldn’t be the person that I am today without the never-ending support of the mad group of people that I call my “friends”. Growing up, I moved around a few times so over the years I’ve accumulated a large number of this odd specimen of people in my life. These people are just incredible and I love them all just so much.
6. Wattpad
This site is such an affable place and being here is incredible. The talent is out of the world amazing and this is always there to quench my thirst of books. Plus, wattpad has ignited this writing passion in me and though I’m not very good or anything, I’m enjoying the time that I spend in writing. And that I think is what matters the most. Plus I’ve met SO many fabulous people through this site and have made some really incredible friends who are super friendly and oh so supportive.
7. Blogging
This is a newly discovered venture and I’m in love with it. Writing blogs at wordpress gives me this odd sense of freedom.. it lightens me up and somehow I feel as if the day’s tension are residing away as I blog and pour everything that’s on my mind. Vikram Seth (he is a famous Indian author) said, “I write novels for others but poems for myself.” In my case, I write blogs for myself for the simlple reason that it makes me happy. Plus, I recently came across the blog of one of my closest friends growing up and I’ve fallen for her words. We had not been in touch for some time so finding her on that site has been so heartwarming.
8. TV shows/ Movies
Couch and my favourite shows are a match made in paradise. Whether it is reruns of Friends and How I Met Your Mother or new episodes of Castle, The Mentalist, Sherlock or The Big Bang Theory.. it becomes incredibly hard to pull my ass out of the highly attractive electric field of my couch when these shows are playing. At the end of the day, some good ol’ dose of humour and crime go a long way to make the day a little bit better. Also, some solid movies from time to time at the lazy multiplexes make the day extra special.
9. Shopping
Shopping is the best therapy. Period. Nothing beats a day out in the mall with mum.
10. Some finger – lickin KFC
I love many fast food outlets but KFC definitely is the icing on the cake. Their food is soul loving and a dose of that food from time to time always works wonders for the irregularly tiring brain.

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