Because Today Was Better Than Yesterday

I feel content today.
I had a test today and my marks have improved. Yes, it isn’t very good but still it is better than what most of the others got. Thus, I am in a nice mood now. With my headphones on and typing away on my lappy, I feel satisfied. Mum was satisfied too so that was the cherry on the top.

The heat has been unbearable lately and I hope we get some rain soon. Or else, even the soil is going to vapourise in the near future. I kid you not.

I heard a song yesterday. The name is “Ekhon Anek Raat”. It is a Bengali song and the title means along the lines of “It is now late night”. Yes, it is a romantic song and it is sung by Anupam Roy, whose songs have kind of become my elixir at the moment. I’ll talk about him in some other post (because I need to) but for the time being, I’ll concentrate on that above mentioned song. His voice is very unique and he is an amazing lyricist. He creates his own music.. he prefers to be a one-man ship when it comes to his music, provided he is given the liberty to (which he is, since he is like crazy talented).

Anyways, this song is very cheesy. He has written ton times better songs with ton times better music. The lyrics is sort of cliché but due to some unthinkable reason, I just can’t get this song out of my head. I don’t like it that much but I’m still humming it consistently.

I haven’t got any idea why I keep on doing it. I should probably move on to some other song of his.

(I said “peace” because I’m kewl like that.)


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