Music And Me : A Relationship Over Seventeen Years

I feel like you can feel yourself changing when you can sense your music preferences changing. I have grown up with a music loving dad so I have been exposed to a variety songs for the past seventeen years of my life. He has always been a music freak.. still is. Needless to say, our music tastes don’t match. At least, not till recently (more on this in some other post).

Growing up, I was a Disney addict. Just like the rest of the girls in my age group. I used to watch a ton of shows.. Hannah Montana, Wizards Of Waverly Place, Lizzie McGuire (is that the correct spelling.. I can’t recall) and so many more. Plus I have always been fascinated with the States. So it was quite natural for me to start listening to their music.

And that’s exactly what I did. I listened to Disney music. Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana, Selena Gomes, Jonas Brothers etc. I loved them to death. I still do.. just not their genre of music (I know the brothers aren’t a band anymore). It was all quite appropriate at that time. A young teenage girl listening to young teenage songs about love. An emotion that I still haven’t quite grasp, honestly.

Time passed. I grew up. I had to shift to another city but my music taste still quite remained in the same category. Ke$ha, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber.. you get the idea.

Another year or so passed and then, just like a gazillion others, it hit me too. The One Direction fever. It started with one song and a three minute or so video in which five super cute boys had fun around London. They stood on top of a red bus waving at their fans.. they took pictures with them.. made cheeky expressions.. all this made me swoon (it still does, I won’t lie). That summer went over fangirling over them with all of my friends. Everyone had a favourite (naturally) and that summer, more than half of my phone balance went over talking about How I Met Your Mother, Castle and One Direction.

This OneD mania went on till quite some time (read : two months back). I loved their songs, loved their videos.. loved everything about them. But most importantly.. I loved them because they felt real. I was able to connect to them on some level. The words in their songs.. I fantasized about someone telling them to me at some point in my life and meaning them.

Then class X came and it was full on studies. I passed with respectable enough marks in my boards exams and in came class XI a year later. Studies studies studies. That became the major priority (it still is) and somehow, in the midst of all this overflowing knowledge with so many permutations and combinations raging around, I kind of just lost touch with my teenage idols. I still listened to all their music.. hummed their songs for eternity which sometimes irritated the crap out of so many of my lovely friends.

Then suddenly, like a whiplash, came 25th of March, 2015. I was excited for the World Cup semi-final of India against Australia the next day. I had just finished having my dinner when my best friend rang me to give a fateful news indeed.

“Zayn left.”

Interestingly, these two words were enough to make me choke. The next few days were hell. I understood his reasons for leaving but that didn’t make me less angry. I was depressed for about a few days.. It started with OneD and then slowly it kind of just whirlpooled into so many different reasons. I was fudging pissed at myself for having believed in their promised forever.. for not having spoken certain things out loud to certain people at certain times.. for not doing this.. for not having done that..just so many bloody reasons, that I just found myself losing control.

And this time music saved me. Interestingly, it was Taylor Swift’s 1989. I am using the word “interestingly” because I had spent a good couple of years kind of just getting irritated at any mention of her.

And it all seemed just so futile. Those arguments about her that I had with so many people.
I hope you are reading this, Bournvita. *sorry*

The songs about picking yourself and dusting yourself up somehow helped me. The control slowly came back in my hands. For the next couple of weeks, my playlist was full of T Swizzle and Ed Sheeran. The lyrics seemed familiar and comforting in an odd sense of way.

And all this just opened my eyes to new possibilities.

( Don’t get me wrong.. I’m still a OneD fan.. I’ll always be but I’m just not that crazy about them anymore.)

You never know what is going to happen in the future.

Therefore, now I think twice before passing my opinion on anything. I am open to people and their song choices.

About two to three weeks back, my friends finally decided that I listen to some songs which are the product of my own country’s brilliance. They put together a playlist for me and honestly, I am glad that they did. I have found some amazing songs and have discovered some beautiful melodious voices singing in Hindi and Bengali who have been able to captivate my attention magically.

YES, magic is everywhere. We simply need to broaden our horizons.

Because even sky isn’t the limit.


9 thoughts on “Music And Me : A Relationship Over Seventeen Years

  1. Phoenix! I definitely understand your constantly changing music taste. I’m the same way. I’m obsessed with a singer/band FOREVER, and then I still like their songs, but the obsession subdues a bit.. I liked the line you ended with ‘even sky isn’t the limit’

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I understand how you feel totally… Kinda like I did. But since I’m quite young in the fandom, my “obsession” hasn’t left me completely… I’m loving the way you write, you have a certain way with words!
    I’m considering taking up blogging after reading yours ya know?
    Looking forward to more.. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Rumi?!
      my portable bundle of sweetness!! 😀 😀
      you joined? wow!! like really wow!!! yipeee!!
      you should start blogging.. you will feel so “light”.. like all the tensions just somehow go away.. the apprehensions just leave you. 🙂

      and everyone has diff musical preferences.. there is nothing about being obsessed with a band/singer.. they just happen at the right time. 🙂
      and we grow.. our preferences change acc to our maturity.
      and thank you so much for liking my writing.. I have been writing SO much these past few days.. i have published quite a few blogs. 🙂
      matter of fact, i came online to publish a new one. x


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