Why Don’t You Let Me Be Free?

All of you dear readers must have noticed quite obviously that these days I have been gushing over the songs of a certain someone. Anupam Roy. Yes, I’m going to write about him today. Particularly, I’m going to write about one particular song of his. It was released a few years back by his band : The Anupam Roy Band. I came to know about the song just a few days back. The thing which surprised me was that it was an English song. I didn’t have any idea that he sings in English so quite obviously, I went to YouTube to check it out.
Second Sex.

That’s the name of the song.
Now.. now .. reign in your thoughts. I know that you’re thinking that it is a vulgar song. But let me tell you something, it is anything BUT vulgar.

In December 2012 there was a horrific horrendous psychotic gang rape case that took place in New Delhi. I’m not going to go into any details about it because it is bad. BAD. Just thinking about it horrifies me. This particular case ignited something in our citizens and there were wide scale protests against it. New laws were implemented. Steps were taken. Now, this wasn’t the last rape case. We have those in a daily basis.. cities, villages, everywhere. Only a few are brought into the notice of the media. Many cases are never reported. The condition is BAD. I’m saying all this because we have a number of masochist and chauvinistic males in our country. Not all, I stress. But the amount of people who fall into the category is quite large. Women are not given enough security and somehow the victim is always made to be at fault. Apparently, girls should not wear skirts or jeans according to them. We should not be out at night. We should not use mobile phones. It is basic legitimate shit but comments like these are always made.

In the song, ARoy sings about how the society thinks that the girls need to be protected. He says that she isn’t your mother/daughter/sister.. she needs no protection. She needs to live in a secure and safe society. You need to provide her that. It is a basic right that she has. We, as a society, need to make sure that she feels safe living. She should be free to do anything that she wants without having the need to look over her shoulder. We need to give her the freedom of being. He expresses this opinion because according to him, rape is not an individual’s problem. It is the problem of our entire society.

And he is 100% right because rape is indeed the problem of the society. Just debating among ourselves on national television about it isn’t going to change anything. We need to take steps. We need to start putting others before us the next time we see a girl getting eve-teased. Slap him, kick him, hit him, abuse him, shout at him in front of everyone.. I dont’ care! Just gather some f* courage and DO SOMETHING instead of being another apparently unaccountable person in the crowd of people who just don’t give a shit.

Here’s the link to the video : http://www.google.co.in/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=2&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0CCQQtwIwAQ&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DZLdcKMKGQXk&ei=vTlnVZicMdK3uAST64LABQ&usg=AFQjCNF8FSJZuFIwVlLnIR8SVVhzuUebrg&sig2=Hab6ad0JdeU3rL6Ue7X_IA&bvm=bv.93990622,d.c2E

Go listen to it. And please do take a minute to read the note that Anupam has published along with the song.

Also, there was a lady who commented that why he has called the song “second sex”. I think it is to bring the focus on the sexist population in our society who think that females come after males.


I got retweeted by him today! 😀



The Modi government completes one year and I have got only one humble request to them : I want to feel safe as I walk down the streets. So please make sure that the female population of our country is not robbed off of this basic human right.

On another note, I got my maths test paper back and I have done well. So super happy about it. I wish that this momentum continues. I had a physics test today and I think I have definitely done above average. I have to work on the bone-breaking projects again and maybe I will do an all nighter today. I will do all the graphs and the stupid diagrams as long as my headphones are on to help me survive through all this torture. Because music helps. Period.

Be You. Because you are one in a gazillion. 🙂


Because Brainy Is The New Sexy

I can use many words to describe today – inspiring, relaxing, encouraging, productive, joyous.
My cousin’s board results came out today and he has done unexceptionally well! He has improved so much and has made my family proud. This has inspired and encouraged me to do better too. He aimed for the sky and he has come out with rainbow colours. Now, I need to make sure that I do the same too next year.

I have been working on my biology practical file for the entire day and have been successful in writing over thirty pages. I am nearly done with all the writing.. just two pages left. Then I have to start on all the anatomy diagrams.. I’ve got a whole bunch of them left. Phew!

On another note, I spent my afternoon with my headphones on (and doing project work, of course.. no, I don’t play truant 😛 ) listening to a Bengali album released last year by none other than, Anupam and it was a fresh change. Out of all the eight songs, not a single one of them is about love. It is about society, stereotypes and everything normal that happens in our day to day lives. He speaks out against misnomers and labellings that we give to people without ever thinking twice about it. It was very melodious with lots of classical Indian instruments playing in the backdrop. But a couple of songs have elements of punk rock in them too.

Listening to him was a nice change for another reason. After a long time I listened to a “mature” voice as in not a singer whose song is mainly focused on the teen / early tween generation. He is a mature guy talking about mature things in a slightly sarcastic way directed to the society. It is good.. it is great. I should listen to his other albums too.

My friend, Sonika, mentioned in her blog a few days back that elder people have a lot to offer in terms of knowledge, insight and understanding of this crazed up world. I realized she was indeed correct while I pondered over all his lyrics and their meaning. Elders are cool.. much much much more than you and me.

For the time being, I am going to wrap it up here. I need to go and continue with my practical work. Also, I have to study for a test tomorrow.

Be good everyone. 🙂


Ten Things That Make Me Happy

I was tagged to do this challenge on Wattpad and I thought that it would be nice to post it here too..


1. Books, books and more books
Books are my lifeline. I eat, sleep and breathe the world of fiction. They are, arguably, the single best product of our stupendous imagination as human beings. The best days in my life are the ones spent with a book in one hand and a hot, steaming cup of coffee in the other. The joy that the fictional world provides me with is inexpressible.
2. Music
Music is food for my soul. It calms me when I need to be calmed, it encourages me at times when I lose inspiration, it lulls me to sleep when I become an insomniac but most importantly, it gives me courage to take life head-on. There are times when nothing helps and music comes like a hero in a swishing cape and pulls me out. Needless to say, a day with some good music = perfecto.
3. Travelling
I absolutely love to travel. Going to different places, meeting new people, experiencing life from their perspective.. this rejuvenates me so much. I get a sense of peace when I’m out and about.
4. Family
My mum and dad’s happiness mean the world to me. Granted, I end up fighting a few times with them but at the end of the day, I love them both from the deepest veins and arteries of my, scientifically speaking, fist-size heart. I would do go out of the way to make them happy because they always do the same for me, without any hesitation. I know I don’t say this out loud. Maybe I should start.
5. Friends
I wouldn’t be the person that I am today without the never-ending support of the mad group of people that I call my “friends”. Growing up, I moved around a few times so over the years I’ve accumulated a large number of this odd specimen of people in my life. These people are just incredible and I love them all just so much.
6. Wattpad
This site is such an affable place and being here is incredible. The talent is out of the world amazing and this is always there to quench my thirst of books. Plus, wattpad has ignited this writing passion in me and though I’m not very good or anything, I’m enjoying the time that I spend in writing. And that I think is what matters the most. Plus I’ve met SO many fabulous people through this site and have made some really incredible friends who are super friendly and oh so supportive.
7. Blogging
This is a newly discovered venture and I’m in love with it. Writing blogs at wordpress gives me this odd sense of freedom.. it lightens me up and somehow I feel as if the day’s tension are residing away as I blog and pour everything that’s on my mind. Vikram Seth (he is a famous Indian author) said, “I write novels for others but poems for myself.” In my case, I write blogs for myself for the simlple reason that it makes me happy. Plus, I recently came across the blog of one of my closest friends growing up and I’ve fallen for her words. We had not been in touch for some time so finding her on that site has been so heartwarming.
8. TV shows/ Movies
Couch and my favourite shows are a match made in paradise. Whether it is reruns of Friends and How I Met Your Mother or new episodes of Castle, The Mentalist, Sherlock or The Big Bang Theory.. it becomes incredibly hard to pull my ass out of the highly attractive electric field of my couch when these shows are playing. At the end of the day, some good ol’ dose of humour and crime go a long way to make the day a little bit better. Also, some solid movies from time to time at the lazy multiplexes make the day extra special.
9. Shopping
Shopping is the best therapy. Period. Nothing beats a day out in the mall with mum.
10. Some finger – lickin KFC
I love many fast food outlets but KFC definitely is the icing on the cake. Their food is soul loving and a dose of that food from time to time always works wonders for the irregularly tiring brain.

Because Today Was Better Than Yesterday

I feel content today.
I had a test today and my marks have improved. Yes, it isn’t very good but still it is better than what most of the others got. Thus, I am in a nice mood now. With my headphones on and typing away on my lappy, I feel satisfied. Mum was satisfied too so that was the cherry on the top.

The heat has been unbearable lately and I hope we get some rain soon. Or else, even the soil is going to vapourise in the near future. I kid you not.

I heard a song yesterday. The name is “Ekhon Anek Raat”. It is a Bengali song and the title means along the lines of “It is now late night”. Yes, it is a romantic song and it is sung by Anupam Roy, whose songs have kind of become my elixir at the moment. I’ll talk about him in some other post (because I need to) but for the time being, I’ll concentrate on that above mentioned song. His voice is very unique and he is an amazing lyricist. He creates his own music.. he prefers to be a one-man ship when it comes to his music, provided he is given the liberty to (which he is, since he is like crazy talented).

Anyways, this song is very cheesy. He has written ton times better songs with ton times better music. The lyrics is sort of cliché but due to some unthinkable reason, I just can’t get this song out of my head. I don’t like it that much but I’m still humming it consistently.

I haven’t got any idea why I keep on doing it. I should probably move on to some other song of his.

(I said “peace” because I’m kewl like that.)


Music And Me : A Relationship Over Seventeen Years

I feel like you can feel yourself changing when you can sense your music preferences changing. I have grown up with a music loving dad so I have been exposed to a variety songs for the past seventeen years of my life. He has always been a music freak.. still is. Needless to say, our music tastes don’t match. At least, not till recently (more on this in some other post).

Growing up, I was a Disney addict. Just like the rest of the girls in my age group. I used to watch a ton of shows.. Hannah Montana, Wizards Of Waverly Place, Lizzie McGuire (is that the correct spelling.. I can’t recall) and so many more. Plus I have always been fascinated with the States. So it was quite natural for me to start listening to their music.

And that’s exactly what I did. I listened to Disney music. Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana, Selena Gomes, Jonas Brothers etc. I loved them to death. I still do.. just not their genre of music (I know the brothers aren’t a band anymore). It was all quite appropriate at that time. A young teenage girl listening to young teenage songs about love. An emotion that I still haven’t quite grasp, honestly.

Time passed. I grew up. I had to shift to another city but my music taste still quite remained in the same category. Ke$ha, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber.. you get the idea.

Another year or so passed and then, just like a gazillion others, it hit me too. The One Direction fever. It started with one song and a three minute or so video in which five super cute boys had fun around London. They stood on top of a red bus waving at their fans.. they took pictures with them.. made cheeky expressions.. all this made me swoon (it still does, I won’t lie). That summer went over fangirling over them with all of my friends. Everyone had a favourite (naturally) and that summer, more than half of my phone balance went over talking about How I Met Your Mother, Castle and One Direction.

This OneD mania went on till quite some time (read : two months back). I loved their songs, loved their videos.. loved everything about them. But most importantly.. I loved them because they felt real. I was able to connect to them on some level. The words in their songs.. I fantasized about someone telling them to me at some point in my life and meaning them.

Then class X came and it was full on studies. I passed with respectable enough marks in my boards exams and in came class XI a year later. Studies studies studies. That became the major priority (it still is) and somehow, in the midst of all this overflowing knowledge with so many permutations and combinations raging around, I kind of just lost touch with my teenage idols. I still listened to all their music.. hummed their songs for eternity which sometimes irritated the crap out of so many of my lovely friends.

Then suddenly, like a whiplash, came 25th of March, 2015. I was excited for the World Cup semi-final of India against Australia the next day. I had just finished having my dinner when my best friend rang me to give a fateful news indeed.

“Zayn left.”

Interestingly, these two words were enough to make me choke. The next few days were hell. I understood his reasons for leaving but that didn’t make me less angry. I was depressed for about a few days.. It started with OneD and then slowly it kind of just whirlpooled into so many different reasons. I was fudging pissed at myself for having believed in their promised forever.. for not having spoken certain things out loud to certain people at certain times.. for not doing this.. for not having done that..just so many bloody reasons, that I just found myself losing control.

And this time music saved me. Interestingly, it was Taylor Swift’s 1989. I am using the word “interestingly” because I had spent a good couple of years kind of just getting irritated at any mention of her.

And it all seemed just so futile. Those arguments about her that I had with so many people.
I hope you are reading this, Bournvita. *sorry*

The songs about picking yourself and dusting yourself up somehow helped me. The control slowly came back in my hands. For the next couple of weeks, my playlist was full of T Swizzle and Ed Sheeran. The lyrics seemed familiar and comforting in an odd sense of way.

And all this just opened my eyes to new possibilities.

( Don’t get me wrong.. I’m still a OneD fan.. I’ll always be but I’m just not that crazy about them anymore.)

You never know what is going to happen in the future.

Therefore, now I think twice before passing my opinion on anything. I am open to people and their song choices.

About two to three weeks back, my friends finally decided that I listen to some songs which are the product of my own country’s brilliance. They put together a playlist for me and honestly, I am glad that they did. I have found some amazing songs and have discovered some beautiful melodious voices singing in Hindi and Bengali who have been able to captivate my attention magically.

YES, magic is everywhere. We simply need to broaden our horizons.

Because even sky isn’t the limit.


PIKU (With a Bindi)

                                                                                              “Bezubaan” 😀


A story about an annoying yet endearing father and his sassy yet impressive daughter. The father-daughter relationship between Bhaskor and Piku form the core of the story. But strangely and quite humorously it is constipation that is the hero as well as the villain of the story.

Bhaskor Banerjee is a witty man with an insufferable case of chronic constipation. He is a man who lives on his own terms. And he expects everyone around to do so too. He is a strange man who believes that the women who get married have a “low IQ” and he puts his dead wife in that category too. Women need to be independent and to this end, he doesn’t want his daughter to get married. He has sudden whims and he always makes sure that they are taken care of.

Piku is a strong independent character who faces life head on. She is a person who has devoted her life to her work and taking care of her father. She is sassy and arrogant at times. She is sweet and endearing. She has arguments with her father, gets tired of facing his whims but she is a rarity. Not many people, if left in her shoes, would be ready to take care of their father with so much of dedication and love. She even agrees to her father’s whims to take him to Kolkata from Delhi via road.

Enter Rana Chowdhury. He is a “Chowdury” but not a Bengali as it has been pointed so many times so by Bhaskor diligently. He will impress you with his patience and his calm and straight mind. Through the lengthy journey, he acts as a buffer between the father-daughter duo pointing out that Bhaskor is a selfish man at times who doesn’t quite appreciate all the trouble that Piku goes to, at length, only for him. He is a man of sound intelligence who is a wonderful addition to the set of characters.

The film has its humour. It is not rib-tickling but it is genuine. The story is simple. And in my opinion, it is the simplicity of the story that takes the piece of cake. It is simple and sweet with no twists and turns. It is conclusive in its own way. Amitabh Bachchan as Bhaskor is simply adorable. Deepika Padukone as Piku is enthrallingly perfect for the character. Irrfan Khan as Rana is quite frankly, a one hundred percent best choice. The acting is natural – not only the three main characters. The supporting cast has done an amazing job as well.

Shoojit Sircar’s direction is brilliant. He deserves laurels for coming up with such an unconventional idea. He has not side tracked the story for even a minute and has managed to come up with an incredible story in which the “bengaliness” has been retained.

Anupam Roy as the music director has managed to do an incredible job. The soft background music compliments the movie at each and every turn. The songs are soothing and melodious with really beautiful and meaningful lyrics. “Journey Song” sung by Anupam Roy and Shreya Goshal is a perfect melody in which the “bengaliness” is at its highest. The title song sung by Sunidhi Chauhan is a quirky blend which is successfully in encapsulating the character of Piku. But, in my opinion, it is the song “Bezubaan” sung by Anupam Roy which is the best out of all. The other songs “Lamhe Guzar Gaye” and “Teri Meri Baatein” (both sung by Anupam Roy – I know AGAIN him but, quite frankly, who is complaining?!) have to be mentioned too simply because they are captivating. The album is a perfect debut for the uber popular Bengali music director/ singer/ lyricist and this one is definitely going to open many doors for him in Bollywood. He has managed to retain the “bangaliyaana” throughout.

The movie is a must watch for everyone as it showcases where we go wrong in treating our elders. It is a commendable movie which deserves to be applauded by all. It should definitely be on the “must watch list”. It will make you laugh and cry and is going to make sure that it resides in your brain for a long time to come. Everything about the movie is natural and simple and Mr. Sircar – take a bow! There is only one complaint that I have though. The songs have been made so diligently and perfectly but they have not been given enough screen time. Not even one song has been played completely other than “Lamhe Guzar Gaye” (that too during credits). Other than this, it is an incredible movie with a quirky life of its own.

What are you waiting for? Go book your ticket right NOW!